battle of Solferino

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an indecisive battle in 1859 between the French and Sardinians under Napoleon III and the Austrians under Francis Joseph I

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The 150th anniversary of the battle of Solferino immortalises the unprecedented humanitarian gesture of Henry Dunant," Abdul Rahman M.
In contrast, the ICRC movement originated with A Memory of Solferino, written by Henry Dunant of Geneva, Switzerland between 1859 and 1862 following his experience during the aftermath of the 1859 Battle of Solferino between France and Austria).
Motivated by the atrocities he witnessed during the Battle of Solferino.
1859 - Henri Dunant, a Swiss businessmanwitnessed the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino in Italy and was inspired to found the International Red Cross
At the battle of Solferino, Henri Dunant was so appalled by the loss of life that he founded what became the International Red Cross movement to mitigate the most barbaric effects of modern warfare.
Henry Dunant, a Swiss citizen, wrote a book about the suffering he witnessed among the casualties at the battle of Solferino, Italy, during the War of Italian Unification in 1859.
1870: Red Cross Society founded in Britain: The idea of The Red Cross came from Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman who was appalled by the thousands of suffering men in the Battle of Solferino in 1859.
IT was founded by Jean-Henri Dunant (1828-1910), a Swiss Nobel peace prize winner who treated the wounded from both sides after the Battle of Solferino during the second war of Italian Independence in 1859.
In the last week of June 1859, Dunant convinced Napoleon, the victor in the battle of Solferino, of the moral correctness of rendering assistance to the wounded where they lay on the battlefield, regardless of their nationality.
1859: The Battle of Solferino inspired the formation of the International Red Cross'Would it not be possible, in times of peace, to form relief agencies for the purpose of having care given to the wounded,' said Swiss businessman Henri Dunant after having witnessed the Battle of Solferino in northern Italy, when the French defeated the Austrians.