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The Civil War Battle of Shiloh -- sometimes called Pittsburgh Landing -- was fought starting on this date 150 years ago.
There is no dispute that the Army of the Tennessee under Grant won the Battle of Shiloh.
The Battle of Shiloh was one of the first battles during the Civil War that showed the true cost of war in human life.
YEARS AFTER THE CIVIL WAR, William Tecumseh Sherman presented a personally drawn up map of the battle of Shiloh to the Society of the Army of the Tennessee.
The Battle of Shiloh was fought on the southern edge of Tennessee, just 22 miles north of Corinth, Mississippi.
General Grant is a major character in this novel, which takes place at the Battle of Shiloh.
They fought at the Battle of Shiloh and he was captured by the Union army.
Dixon carried the coin in his pocket, where it had saved his life in the Battle of Shiloh by stopping a bullet.
The group will be part of the two-day battle of Shiloh, which will be played out on the vacant lot next to the Civic Arts Plaza on the weekend of March 14-15, to kickoff the drama ``Shiloh'' running at the Forum Theatre from March 13-29.
Reaves, "Seeing the Elephant": Raw Recruits at the Battle of Shiloh (Westport, Ct.
Lew Wallace is perhaps best known for his authorship of Ben-Hur, however, what is little known is that Wallace may have written the novel to work through his feelings around becoming the scapegoat for high Union casualties at the Battle of Shiloh.
A breakdown in communications prior to the Battle of Shiloh indirectly led to the writing of Ben Hur.
The pair's project stemmed from reports of Civil War soldiers, specifically at the Battle of Shiloh, having wounds that glowed in the dark and, allegedly showed better survival rates than soldiers with non-glowing wounds.
The Richmond Howitzers also will perform a re-enactment of the Battle of Shiloh on March 14 and 15 next to the Civic Arts Plaza in conjunction with the Santa Susana Repertory Company's production of ``Shiloh.
Smith (history, U of Tennessee, Martin) has written nine essays on the Civil War battle of Shiloh.