battle of Philippi

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Octavian and Mark Antony defeated Brutus and Cassius in 42 BC


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Thus, viewing the battle of Philippi in the context of the series as a whole, although the CGI effects which dominate the battle may seem to be a means of giving in to the self-conscious sense of epic traditionally associated with what Cyrino calls 'Big Screen Rome', it is also possible to recognise the narrative function of those effects as a means to enhance the characterisation which evolves over the course of the two series.
Octavius, Caesar's nephew, is restored to power; Brutus and Cassius are eventually defeated at the Battle of Philippi, where they kill themselves to avoid further dishonor.
Figure 1 illustrates the position of Union and Confederate forces at the Battle of Philippi.
There were fewer than 20 casualties in the battle of Philippi.
He reports that in losing the battle of Philippi, the Confederacy "succeeded in losing an entire portion of its most important state.
Infantry at the Battle of Philippi can help students to learn more about this critical battle.
After studying the details of the Battle of Philippi, students can discuss criteria for evaluating historical significance.
A large group discussion on these topics will prepare students for an independent assessment of the Battle of Philippi.
As students individually evaluate the Battle of Philippi, they can use a web map such as the sample in Figure 3 (see page 38).
Large group discussion and debate can continue, with students offering their rationale and justifications regarding the historical significance of the Battle of Philippi.
Final deliberations should include student speculation on how the United States, and their own lives, would be different if the Battle of Philippi, and other battles in what was then western Virginia, had not been fought, or had ended with Confederate victories.