battle of Leuctra

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Thebes defeated Sparta in 371 BC

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23) At times Plutarch's descriptions of events in the Pelopidas, (24) such as the Battle of Leuctra which was surely in the lost Life of Epaminondas, is different from that of Xenophon, although it is clear that Plutarch had read Xenophon's Hellenica.
56) The details of the Battle of Leuctra are completely glossed over by Pausanias compared to the details in the Life of Pelopidas (and no doubt Plutarch's Life of Epaminondas).
77) Plutarch surely described Epaminondas's actions at the Battle of Leuctra (and also likely described his decree that the Spartans count their dead individually).
At the battle of Leuctra King Cleombrotus, with an army of approximately 10 000 soldiers, fought against a Theban force of 7500.
6) Due to these reasons and the constant conflict being fought at that time the number of Spartiates began to decrease so that when it came to the battle of Leuctra there were only 700 Spartiates left (Xen.
So already long before the battle of Leuctra Epaminondas started to prepare the Theban soldiers to fight against Sparta (Cawkwell 1972:260-262).
Under his command the Lacedaemonians fought the battle of Leuctra against the Boeotians.
The Theban phalanx smashed the Spartan line at the Battle of Leuctra in 371 B.