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After having explored three quite different narratives of the battle of Caporetto and how they may qualify as modernist works--keeping in mind Somigli's insightful contention that we should "speak not so much of modernism as of modernisms" ("In the Shadow" 926) in the Italian context--a conclusion may be drawn: a more accurate mapping and a deeper understanding of the relationship among the corpus of Italian Great war narratives, the wider European cultural and artistic context (modernism) and the Italian historical and cultural context enables us to open promising perspectives on such works as the Giornale di guerra e di prigionia, Il Castello di Udine, Giorni di guerra and Viva Caporetto
The Battle of Caporetto (October 24-November19, 1917) between a combined force of 350,000 Germans and Austro-Hungarians and 400,000 Italians was fought near the town of Kobarid, In.
Some opposition politicians, led by the separatist party Northern League, equated the agreement with Air France KLM to the Battle of Caporetto, Italy's worst military defeat during World War One and a lingering national symbol of collapse.
After a successful campaign, their unit was transferred to the Southern Front in October of 1917, where they took part in the 12th Battle of the Isonzo, better known to the world as the Battle of Caporetto.
Perrett relates Lieutenant Irwin Rommel's successful infantry assault during the Battle of Caporetto in 1917.
Henry deserts during the Italians' retreat after the Battle of Caporetto, and the reunited couple flee into Switzerland.