battle of Atlanta

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a siege in which Federal troops under Sherman cut off the railroads supplying the city and then burned it

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When complete, Atlanta residents, tourists, and other visitors will be able to see the Cyclorama The Battle of Atlanta as it was originally intended to be viewed in the 19th century.
360-degree painting of the Battle of Atlanta (358 feet circumference and 42 feet high) is viewed from a revolving platform as music, lighting, sound effects and narration tell the story.
Why not borrow a video about the Battle of Atlanta to get a more accurate historical picture of some of the events portrayed in the novel?
Housed in a huge, custom-built structure in Grant Park, the Cyclorama is an exact recreation of a certain fateful moment in the Battle of Atlanta.
She did not like the film, but she did go to the premiere itself, as did four rheumy-eyed ancients who had actually fought in the Battle of Atlanta in 1864 (the youngest of them was ninety-three), attired in Confederate grey uniforms.
Oh yes - and this will have you rushing to your travel agent - Atlanta's home to the world's largest painting, a 358 foot depiction of the 1864 Battle Of Atlanta during the American Civil War