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a flag that leads troops into battle

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I realize that much of the effort to "save" the battle flag, to hold separate proms and so on is a fearful reaction to the rapid changes taking place in the South.
ONLY around 30 revolutionary battle flags are known to exist today, and all but Tarleton's flags are in public or institutional collections.
Debate/Discussion: Next, weigh the conflicting claims that the Confederate battle flag represents (a) a racist regime that was defending slavery, or (b) a region's brave struggle for independence.
17 in an effort to have the Confederate battle flag relocated from atop the Statehouse dome in Columbia.
He has organized and conducted massive direct action activities, such as the march on the South Carolina State Capitol in 2000, which brought more than 50,000 protesters from South Carolina and across the nation to the grounds of South Carolina's Statehouse in January 2000 to protest the flying of the Confederate Battle Flag.
A few days ago, it was heartwarming to see Mitt Romney, the most recent Republican presidential nominee, call for the removal of the battle flag of Civil War Gen.
The turning point in the War of 1812 was the Battle of Lake Erie, when Oliver Hazard Perry - sailing under a "Don't Give Up the Ship" battle flag - led the U.
GUNMEN waving the battle flag of al-Qaida gunned down 25 policemen in a brutal shootout in Iraq.
Archbishop Williams would realise that the battle flag of the Royal Navy,from whose ships cruise missiles rained down on Baghdad, was the same cross of St George worn by Crusaders for their cruel invasion of medieval Palestine.
In 1994, however, the board voted to take down the Stars and Bars flag after it was mistakenly replaced with the Confederate battle flag, Smith said.
The controversial Confederate battle flag flying over South Carolina's capitol building has the presidential candidates talking.
The first chance to hoist a battle flag will be next month when the SPL punish crowd violence at the Parkhead Old Firm League clincher.
Once a photo of Dylann Roof posing with the Confederate battle flag appeared on the Internet, defending the indefensible became even harder than it was before.
The General Lee" has a Confederate Battle Flag on its roof.
SCARF-NELSON Roberto Mancini and David Moyes do battle FLAG DAY Tim Cahill goes through his usual celebration routine YELLOW PERIL Shay Given is booked for dissent