battle fatigue

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a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare

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More detailed than many a cadaver, this well-illustrated reference is valuable for students as well as for practitioners who may be experiencing senior moments or battle fatigue.
The absence of even an illusion of safety in most places in Iraq raises the risk of combat stress or battle fatigue.
Minor says, referring to the experience as racial battle fatigue.
Wexford are in the doldrums and Offaly, though showing signs of revival, are unlikely to pose a An early worry is an injury to Ben O'Connor, but battle fatigue among the old guard may be the biggest problem.
By the time AIDS and battle fatigue shut it down, Theatre-in-Limbo had killed in such Busch extravaganzas as Theodora, She-Bitch of Byzantium; Psycho Beach Party; Vampire Lesbians of Sodom; The Lady in Question; and Red Scare on Sunset.
There were signs of battle fatigue elsewhere in the Rangers side and McLeish admitted: "If I could have used six substitutes, I would have.
Margaret is a terrific center holding the novel together as she never forgets her roots, but wonders if she can return to keening after being overwhelmed with so much death as she suffers from a form of battle fatigue syndrome yet knows she is needed.
And yet it is the politicians, not the public, who are beginning to show signs of battle fatigue.
It inevitably means, given Albion's apparent reluctance to strengthen their squad, that the longer the Baggies go in the Cup the more at risk they'll be from battle fatigue.
We are supposed to be critics, after all, but part of this response can be blamed on simple battle fatigue, or what I call the Cannes syndrome.
Since April 14, the battle fatigue clad members who call themselves the West Coast Warrior Society have blocked the side-road.
A manual in 1960 urged people to understand that breakdowns were no more manageable than shell shock or battle fatigue.
In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association formally recognized the civilian version of battle fatigue, which became known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Companies run by Ralph Lemon, Susan Marshall, and Lar Lubovitch - all New Yorkers - have shut down recently, for example, the result of battle fatigue over the high costs of survival, reducing performance opportunities and morale.
Citing "price wars of attrition" as the competitive climate, Cutler said the impact on consumers "is the market equivalent of battle fatigue.
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