battle dress

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a military uniform designed for field service

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Most people consider urban camo to be a business suit, not a battle dress uniform of mottled blueish grays and whites.
RESPONSIBLE: Scots Guard on duty; ON PATROL: Soldiers wear full battle dress as they tour the city streets; NO GAME: A Guardsman shows kid loaded gun
Police use tear gas in Balkan border crisis REFUGEE children scream in terror as Macedonian police in battle dress swarm around them at the country's border with Greece.
The battles between Porsche and Jaguar, which dominated the 1980s, are represented by two cars in their iconic battle dress in the form of a Rothmans Porsche 962 and a Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9.
a scene in a medical tent in "I was doing a scene in a medical tent in 18th-century battle dress, pantaloons and a ripped shirt, and the guy from the crew kept asking me if I was OK, if I battle dress, pantaloons and a ripped shirt, and the guy from the crew kept asking me if I was too cold.
Our plan: Via social media, we asked any of our brothers and sisters who served this great country and have done tours in Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and even the great World Wars, to donate a couple of their personal Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) to us; so that we could create the "watch bands" for our "Veteran" watch.
They also, frequently, receive but passing interest by battle dress designers.
The Centenary Anniversary Bear displays the trenches uniform including the battle dress trench coat, webbing and lanyard.
I see units still training with the old battle dress overgarment MOPP gear.
Stan recalled how he and Sykes visited troubled parts of the world with organisations Combined Services Entertainment Unit and Stars In Battle Dress.
90s 1991 If an army marches on its stomach, soldiers would be on parade in double-quick time, for the military meals dished up by Geordie chefs in battle dress.
Soldiers in both Afghan and Nato battle dress could be seen taking positions near the top of the open concrete block, which was pocked with hundreds of bullet holes.
Empty the House of Commons now, give all MPs a rifle and battle dress kit then send them out to Afghanistan.
As well as exhibits of Hittite culture there will be the chance for visitors to try on modern reproductions of Hittite battle dress as well as the traditional pith helmets worn by westerners unused to the fierce sun of the region.
Each student took on the persona of a member of the 3rd Australian Division and was issued with authentic battle dress and equipment including arms, rations and luggage.
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