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Primary air-to-ground missions include precision strike warfare employing weapons guided by laser and global positioning systems, forward air controller airborne, close air support, low-altitude night navigation and real-time battle damage assessment.
Maj Padden directed his wingman to rejoin and accomplish a Battle Damage Check, which confirmed oil was running off the right underside of the fuselage.
The Army TUAV system has been designed to provide battlefield commanders with highly mobile target acquisition, battle damage assessment and battle management capabilities.
With PHMS, if a system, such as the aircraft's radar capability were to fail or sustain battle damage, the technology would signal an in flight reconfiguration thus allowing the pilot to link to a wingman's radar system to complete the mission.
The new version of Maverick missile, to be demonstrated by the USAF in early 2005, will provide better situational awareness and battle damage assessment to the warfighter, allowing the missile to be launched without the current weather-dependent visual lock on the target.
Robinson directed a rejoin above the weather, performed a battle damage check along with ascertaining that all of Bay 02's navigation, control, and performance systems were operating correctly.
Scientific Systems Company (SSC) is a privately owned company that provides innovative solutions to problems in technical areas such as Advanced and Intelligent Systems, Guidance and Control, System Identification, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Battle Damage Assessment, and Communications Networks.
The system is also designed to provide the important ability to isolate faults, outages or damage, including battle damage, while maintaining power to critical systems.
The exercise also demonstrated automatic target cueing, image registration and battle damage assessment using AFL sensors.
Its comprehensive features include the capability to distribute digital data, voice-operated switching for hands-free operation, a ring architecture for resilience to battle damage, active noise reduction and built-in test facilities.
The Shadow 200 is a tactical UAV designed to provide brigade commanders with improved target acquisition, battle damage assessment and battle management capabilities.
The system is capable of reconfiguring its components to counteract faults and failures -- even those caused by battle damage -- enabling pilots to continue their mission and return safely.
The way these work is, conduct a strike, conduct a battle damage assessment to see if the strike did exactly what we thought it would do.
During the test, a missile launched from the guided missile destroyer USS Gridley (DDG 101) used its onboard camera to capture battle damage indication imagery and then transmitted the image to fleet headquarters via its two-way UHF SATCOM datalink.
Desert Hawk 3 has flown for nearly 30,000 hours, mostly under austere conditions, for supporting critical mission needs like enhanced situational awareness, security and counter-IED operations, threat detection, route reconnaissance and battle damage assessment.
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