battle cruiser

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a cruiser of maximum speed and firepower

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Instead of ambushing the British Battle Cruiser Fleet, Scheer was himself ambushed.
The event on August 2 will also mark 'Operation Struggle', the code name given to the attack on the Japanese battle cruiser.
An entry for January 24, 1915, reads: "At 8am we engaged them and then our battle cruiser let rip and they done the same, so the firing kept up some time.
A teenage ordinary seaman on a battle cruiser in WW2 - never dreaming that one day he would chair the Board of the Admiralty
The other problem with a battle cruiser off-roader in town has been the amount of vitriol it attracts from people with an anti-fracking tendency.
When you're down the battle cruiser talking about trainers - no, not Reebok's and Nikes - no handler sparks more debate than Sir Mark Prescott.
The great-grandfather, whose book about the attack is published this week, said: "We were told to hunt down the Nazi warship and destroy it, days after it had sunk Royal Navy battle cruiser HMS Hood with the loss of 1400 lives.
The 31,500-tonne German Kriegsmarine battle cruiser, an infamous capital ship in WWII, was lead in her class and named after Prussian general and army reformer Gerhard yon Scharnhorst.
Stone, who had acquired scissors, a comb and clippers, became a stoker on the battle cruiser Tiger, and in 1919 he watched the scuttling on the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow.
By the age of 16 he had joined the battle cruiser HMS Tiger, which took him to Scapa Flow, the home of the navy's Grand Fleet, before progressing to the battleship HMS Hood in 1922 to travel around the world "showing the flag" to the colonies.
Three British naval ships, including HMS Ajax, took on and defeated German battle cruiser the Graf Spee, which had been attacking and destroying Allied merchant ships in the south Atlantic.
The wreck of battle cruiser HMAS Sydney was discovered off western Australia, prime minister Kevin Rudd announced today.
Between 1941 and 1945, 40 convoys undertook the 2,000-mile journey and Mr Bagier took part in the sinking the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst on Boxing Day, 1943.
He was awarded Britain's highest military decoration for an incredible act of bravery in a daring submarine attack which sank the Japanese battle cruiser Takao in Singapore Harbour in July 1945.
95) against the Star Trek Klingon Battle Cruiser ($29.
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