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(baseball) a list of batters in the order in which they will bat

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Dhoni has been doing his bit to tweak the batting order and strengthen the line- up, but the failure of the top order has added to his woes.
He, however, said that now a tough main round has started and so Hafeez should not repeat the mistakes he has made in the qualifying round by unnecessarily changing the batting order.
In response, Hook had no answer as Paul Hood tore through the hosts' batting order, snaring 6-35.
There will be changes to the batting order and lads who have applied themselves and played proper cricket shots will get their chance rather than those who try to hit the first delivery out of the ground.
Town were dismissed for just 36 with Jonathan Davies tearing apart the visitors' batting order as he captured 7-18 from 10 overs.
If you have someone who averages 50 and regularly scores you runs, the rest of the batting order should be able to play the natural game, be a bit more aggressive and get you to the 275-325 target.
Chasing their maiden 50-over World Cup, England have tinkered with their batting order and promoted Kevin Pietersen as Strauss opening partner.
Coach Flower said: "Jiggling with batting orders and personnel is always an option but you also have to be careful about altering a side who've been very successful over the last 18 months.
England lead the series 1-0 but yesterday half their batting order was swept away by a blizzard of Oz that reduced them to 82 for five in their second innings, still 261 runs behind.
Dale Steyn had rattled through the India batting order, taking five for 23 as South Africa needed just 20 overs to skittle out their hosts.
Inzy plans to promote Shoaib Malik to the top of his batting order.
Three days after saying he didn't want career leadoff man Juan Pierre to change his approach despite the fact he was being dropped to second in the batting order behind Rafael Furcal, Dodgers manager Grady Little said before Sunday's spring-training workout that he has asked Pierre to be more patient at the plate.
Boycott believes England are in danger of stagnation and singled out Durham star Collingwood's low place in the batting order as an indication Fletcher is losing touch.
Set just 153 for victory, the hosts struggled a little early on but eventually eased to 156 for four in the 28th over after earlier tearing into the Zimbabwe batting order.
So Barney, feeling he personally needed a change in the batting order as much as any of the Beavers, decided to take the first swing at it himself.