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a glove worn by batters in baseball to give a firmer grip on the bat

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lt;div class="caption">Boston Red Sox David Ortiz pulls off his batting glove after flying out against the Texas Rangers during the sixth inning of American League MLB baseball action in Arlington, Texas July 22, 2009.
The "Learn From a Pro" program was part of a six-month enter-to-win contest attached to their batting gloves.
Franklin Sports, Major League Baseball's official batting glove sponsor since 1983, is hosting 18 private instructional clinics at various MLB stadiums across the United States throughout the summer.
In alignment with Cabrera's off-field efforts, Franklin Sports announces two auctions to win a pair of Miguel Cabrera's autographed batting gloves And the ability to customize your own CFX Pro Batting Glove in any size/color combination wanted.
Jan Gill of Sterling, who also pitches for Finder's, had encouraged the new player to join the team, but Gill, too, was a bit surprised when the diminutive white-haired septuagenarian arrived at the Goodale Park field in a cap and shorts, wearing a batting glove on one hand and toting her large leather glove in the other.
Upon reaching second base, Cabrera took off his batting glove and saw blood.
England skipper Hussain pulled out of Essex's championship match against Northamptonshire today because he still can't pull a batting glove over his broken little finger.
I have taken the precaution of batting with some protection on the outside of my batting glove, but overall there has been no adverse reaction at all.
Most new ones are made by converting photographs into a three-dimensional design, and they bear details such as a particular type of batting glove.
Singles player Roxy Ionescu was bothered by a blister on her right hand - the hand she grips her racket with - but covered it with a batting glove and earned one out of two possible points for the Falcons.
back pack bags, batting gloves, turf shoes, wood bats and fielding gloves can all be added in the package to meet the teams demands and budgets.
Persuade child 2 that it IS possible to attend cricket club without brand new pads, helmet, batting gloves and bag.
Limited tenders are invited for supply of (I) Bat Qty- 02,(Ii) Ball (Leather) Qty- 04, (Iii) Helmets (Ss) Qty- 03, (Iv) Batting Gloves Qty- 02, (V) Keeping Gloves Qty- 01, (Vi) Abdomen Guards Qty- 03, (Vii) Batting Pads Qty- 02, (Viii) Keeping Pads Qty- 01, (Ix) Elbow Guards Qty- 01,