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(baseball) a measure of a batter's performance

(an extension of the baseball term) the proportion of times some effort succeeds

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Spin bowler Butterworth won the Division Two batting averages while former Nuneaton captain Field topped the batting averages in Division Three.
To understand this, you need to consider the retailer's batting average.
For the U15s the BA batsmen had significantly lower batting averages than W batsmen in every year between 2004 and 2010 (Table II).
They illustrate the statistical phenomenon that batting averages stabilize as the season progresses.
He is currently second in batting average in the National League and can conceivably play all five infield positions.
Statistical analysis to measure player performance has become so sophisticated over the last quarter century that traditional tools like batting average and earned run average have been augmented and in some cases even replaced by more encompassing measurements like on-base percentage, which became an official statistic in 1984, and the more revolutionary OPS--a term that combines a player's on-base percentage and slugging percentage.
Being named as having high returns and a high batting average is a great honor for us and as well for the Pulse Research Partners Platform.
Batting averages tend to be about 140 points lower when the ball is put in play on a pitcher's count, as compared to a hitter's county.
Then I would go to two-pitch-at-bats, then three-pitch-at-bats, and then look at the pitches that produced the lowest batting averages.
He remembers when money games were more important than league play and batting averages.
The Centurions have shown strong offense: seven players have batting averages above .
Glassner suggests that players should receive a base salary determined by multiples of previous batting averages or pitching records.
Would you believe: High Desert and the JetHawks entered play Sunday with the Cal League's lowest team batting averages at .
Batting average, just a component of both, was vastly overrated when compared to drawing walks and hitting for power; 1970s catcher Gene Tenace, with his low batting average and high walk numbers, was never considered the offensive equivalent of his singles-hitting counterpart Manny Sanguillen, when in fact Tenace was his run-producing superior by a wide margin.