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(baseball) the batter's attempt to get on base

stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber


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The Michigan State-bound shortstop came within one home run of tying the state record as she became the West Valley League Triple Crown winner, batting .
The following drill program will give you an idea of the devices we use to enhance our batting swings over a period of time.
After batting ninth for most of the season and occasionally sixth, Adam Kennedy was promoted Wednesday to the third spot in the batting order when right-handers start.
The company claims the MetalWood Bat is the best bat for batting practice and for the difficult transition from metal to wood, while touting that its product will last 15 times longer than any wood bat on the market.
Herrera, Valencia's all-time home run leader, is batting just .
Rewards can vary from extra batting practice to cutting back on conditioning that day.
The son of the famous batting guru updates the four fundamental Lau Laws
A minor adjustment in his batting stance - he's wrapping his bat around his shoulder instead of holding it up straight as he did last season - has helped Simon drive his bat through the strike zone quicker.
A study of National League hitters a few years ago showed a correlation of almost 100% between hands and weight back and high batting average/power.
A switch-hitter, Figgins has had more trouble batting right-handed, hitting .
If, say, you were a left-handed spray hitter, I could tell you what your batting average was on a one-pitch-at-bat for my fastball, slider, and screwball.
His soft hands have always impressed scouts, and he's become a better hitter in recent years, batting .
One of the most essential starting points is the identification of the player's batting style.
The 2001 Daily News Player of the Year, Watson-Perry is batting .
Ginther has a batting cage in his backyard, and the team practices hitting twice a day.