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powered by one or more electric batteries

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Of all the battery-powered lanterns on the market, the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern (SE3DLNCOM) gets excellent marks.
The final rule eliminates the requirement to disconnect the terminals when a battery-powered wheelchair or mobility aid is transported as checked baggage, provided the wheelchair or mobility aid design provides an effective means of preventing unintentional activation.
com, which led a successful campaign to stop Toyota from, yes, crushing its fleet of 1,000 battery-powered RAV4 EVs, "The cost of plugging in to the grid and charging up at home is the equivalent of pennies per gallon on the average electric bill as compared to $3-plus a gallon at the pump today.
Potential applications for the SOT-23 op amps include any application requiring signal conditioning, buffering, amplification or filtering, such as portable equipment, automotive subsystems, photodiode preamps, computer notebooks, PDAs and battery-powered equipment.
During the testing, the vehicle ran five, eight-hour shifts at the mine site, pulling drags of six and seven fully-loaded ore cars compared to just five cars from a conventional battery-powered locomotive.
Air quality regulators and the garden equipment industry have been waiting on the DWP's battery-powered blower, ever since the DWP unveiled - amid much fanfare - a prototype in 1998.
Without some kind of subsidy or rebate, a cutting-edge, battery-powered auto will cost about $20,000 more than its conventionally powered cousin, according to one analyst at General Motors.
The battery-powered stimulator, manufactured by Medtronic Inc.
Neuton Power Equipment, manufacturer of the award-winning line of battery-powered lawnmowers, has tapped Duracell to supply the rechargeable battery for its 2010 lineup of walk-behind mowers.
With sales of gasoline-powered walk-behind mowers down over 16 percent from 2006 to 20081, a lone bright spot has emerged in the consumer lawn care marketplace: battery-powered lawn mowers.
Nation's #1 Selling Battery-Powered Mower Gets Full Redesign; 2 Models Now Available
Battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries
The new AS1353 and the AS1356 ICs are optimised to deliver improved operating times in battery-powered portable equipment such as PDAs, digital cameras, Bluetooth and GPS modules as a result of their extremely low dropout voltage.
Onset Computer Corporation, a leading supplier of battery-powered data loggers, today announced that the latest release of its HOBOware([R]) Pro data logger software, version 2.
The new iGo powerXtender, our second battery-powered adapter, helps to elevate our position in the 'emergency' power market as we expand our offerings in that product segment," said Charles Mollo, chief executive officer of Mobility Electronics.