battery acid

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dilute sulfuric acid used in storage batteries

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The batteries are used and the substance (on the road) was battery acid.
Two girls were seriously injured by what was discovered to be battery acid.
Battery acid is corrosive, and to neutralize it, you need a base substance to counteract the acid.
COVENTRY RSPCA inspectors are convinced that someone in the Stoke area of the city knows the people responsible for a sickening attack on an elderly dog, which involved soaking the pet in battery acid.
Bookended by take-no-prisoners rockers Turnin' The Screw and 'hidden' title track Era Vulgaris, there's the lacklustre I'm Designer and downright ugly Battery Acid, a muddy mish-mash of tricky time changes.
Risks to the eyes around the home include household chemicals, yard maintenance, workshop and tool parts, battery acid, fireworks and the unsupervised use of toys and games.
Quashen said some batches are tainted with battery acid, rat poison or arsenic.
Some homespun potion involving lemon juice, battery acid and f rogspawn, perhaps.
The sulfuric acid drops the pH of water to the regions of battery acid or vinegar.
If I start the reaction with battery acid and wood alcohol on Saturday morning, I will be able to fill up the Benz on Friday.
Crystal is made of battery acid, Drano, and propane or starter fluid.
Ingredients might include toluene, iodine, red phosphorus (used in road flares), sodium hydroxide, lithium/sodium metal, hydrochloric acid, anhydrous ammonia (a fertilizer), drain cleaner, battery acid, lye, pool acid, and antifreeze--many of which are severe eye, nose, and throat irritants or cause skin burns or breathing difficulty.
I put some baking soda in water and pour it around the car battery to neutralize any battery acid.
Even if the vessel was not carrying a hazardous cargo, the engine room will typically contain substances such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, battery acid, hydraulic fluid, and asbestos.
And don't pick after mid summer or it will taste like battery acid and make your custard curdle.