battery acid

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dilute sulfuric acid used in storage batteries

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Leaking battery acid is an enemy to the box and to the airframe.
Stomach acid is 70% stronger than car battery acid.
The subsequent battery acid clean up process was costly and disruptive to Sharpak's intralogistics processes, and, as the mishap occurred a matter of months before its existing and long-standing contract with another forklift manufacturer was due to end, Sharpak decided to seek a forklift truck provider that could offer a system capable of avoiding any chance of a repeat.
No battery acid burns, ruined clothing & noxious fumes.
On January 28, Phnom Penh Municipal Court sentenced Sreyda's ex-husband Be Soeun to five years in prison for intentional violence using acid and ordered him to pay 10mn riel ($2,500), after he threw battery acid on her face, chest and back when she told him she planned to remarry.
Keep your batteries fully charged to lower the freezing temperature of the battery acid.
He left, but returned with another man and threw battery acid on her face, holding her head back and pouring it down her throat.
The Commission for Environmental Cooperation, established by Canada, the United States and Mexico as NAFTA's environmental governing body, is attempting to set guidelines to ensure that spent-lead battery acid is dealt with according to regulatory standards and that the risk of exposure is reduced.
An Environment Agency Wales spokeswoman confirmed car battery acid from used batteries was involved.
They then sprayed the 47-year-old homeowner in the face with what is thought to have been battery acid.
Using the wire brush, neutralize the battery acid with a baking soda/ water solution.
If you spill battery acid on your hand, you don't have to wait a month to see the damage.
Automotive vacuum brake tubes must not only resist elevated temperatures and fluids common in this environment, including battery acid, they should also show a maximum resistance to punctures and, above all, cracks and tears, according to the company.
The men drove up beside them and splashed their faces with what appeared to be battery acid.