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Synonyms for batter

Synonyms for batter

to injure or damage, as by abuse or heavy wear

Synonyms for batter

a liquid or semiliquid mixture, as of flour, eggs, and milk, used in cooking

strike against forcefully

Related Words

strike violently and repeatedly

make a dent or impression in

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Considering time between pitches, a batter often needs to step out to get his signs from the third-base coach.
Divide batter evenly between prepared pans; smooth batter to edges.
This pattern is initially surprising, since it is not obvious why the road team batters should display so much more learning than the home team batters.
Mr Rippon said that in police interviews Batters admitted buying the weapons via a French internet site.
The change in the physical location of the batter after three pitches often tends to throw the pitcher off balance, create confusion, disrupt his rhythm, and have a different effect on his pitches.
The best fat-lowering method is to cook the fish in beer batter at 180 degrees Celsius (356 F) for six minutes, then bang the frying basket at least twice before draining for at least 20 seconds.
Fried chicken is finger-lickin' good because of the oil and batter it's cooked in.
A batter wouldn't have to swing as hard to knock one of these balls out of the park.
4-g dry materials that had been battered with the same batter formula.
And Andre Ethier, Rafael Furcal and Kenny Lofton, the three batters the Dodgers sent to the plate in the fifth, and Nomar Garciaparra and Jeff Kent, the first two batters they sent up in the seventh, made five outs on a total of seven pitches from Batista.
For many decades, batters have maintained that a high, hard fastball can accelerate and rise suddenly as it nears the strike zone.
The 12 basic styles that pitchers use to get the batters out
But when the batters got used to my height crossing the plate.
Since launching Pandora Japanese crumb in 1981, RHM Ingredients has created many new batters and crumb coating systems.
Consumers will have the choice of facing one of four pitchers, putting their big league talents in the batters box against hard-throwing veterans.