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the act of subjecting to strong attack


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36) In homicide cases, the defendant may introduce evidence establishing the nature of the battering relationship to support the conclusion that she reasonably perceived imminent danger requiring the use of deadly force.
Additionally, in Ex parte Haney, (60) the Supreme Court of Alabama declined to hold that the defendant's evidence of domestic violence and a battering relationship precluded the death penalty.
14) The difficulties a battered woman confronts when attempting to advance this defense have been well articulated in the legal literature and stem largely from two sources: (1) the male-gendered norms of "reasonableness" inherent in the laws of self-defense; (15) and (2) the misconceptions the public (hence jurors) holds regarding battered women and the battering context.
23) In addition, in some cases the woman strikes back during a period of relative calm or a lull in the violence such as after a battering incident has already occurred.
In pursuing these questions, the author emphasizes the distinction between an "incident-based" definition of battering (which focuses on discrete episodes of violence that violate criminal laws) and a "control-based" definition (which characterizes battering as a web of coercive tactics, including but not limited to actual physical assault).
Then psychologists and lawyers came up with another possibility: a defense based on the fact that the long-term battering had made the woman so helpless and passive that she saw killing as her only possible escape from the abuse.
Psychological battering involves all of these features of emotional abuse, but also consists of at least one violent episode or attack on the victim to maintain the impending threat of additional assaults.
With the new ruling, trial courts must admit relevant battering evidence that the fear was also reasonable - and, therefore, was sufficient for a complete acquittal.
Battering is the most common cause of injury to women--more frequent than auto accidents, muggings and rapes combined.
TCFV assists Texas battered women's shelters and battering intervention and prevention programs through training and technical assistance; advocates for laws and policies that affect battered women and their children; and operates the National Domestic Violence Hotline.