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the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children

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Because of these two distinct and conflicting forms, one might ask, "[W]hich use of battered child syndrome do you believe?
One researcher has indicated that "oversensitivity or hyposensitivity of the children to the pain, insufficient history to the explanation of the trauma's features, the time between the approval of the patient for physical examination and trauma's exact time may lead us to the diagnosis of battered child syndrome.
Henry Kempe's landmark article on The Battered Child Syndrome in 1962 is generally credited as a turning point in the history of child abuse.
But a specifically medical reference makes something dramatically new possible: If battered child syndrome is a medically diagnosable condition, if it is so prevalent now that we believe there is a "tragic increase,"(157) if it is indeed a public health crisis, then abuse need no longer be confined to the few, to the usual suspects.
This Note addresses the link between battered woman syndrome, battered child syndrome, and black rage in homicide cases.
Battered woman syndrome, battered child syndrome, and black rage all are defenses for which expert testimony is essential to facilitate an understanding of the nature of the defense.
Deputy District Attorney Dee Corona said Joselin died as a result of battered child syndrome.
Glazier is the first person to be granted clemency based on evidence that she was a victim of battered child syndrome, according to Paul Mones, the lead attorney in the clemency action.
Salicylate poisoning as a manifestation of the battered child syndrome.