domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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I haven't been unduly concerned about this until one of the mothers at the local school joked that it looked like she was a battered child.
Nearly twenty volumes of testimony was offered, not to prove that the mother conformed to a stereotypical "profile", but a well recognized medical diagnosis, MSBP, a relative of battered child syndrome.
Further, the standard account masks the transformation of child protection discourse over time, instead imagining a continuity between the cruelty of the 1870s and the battered child syndrome of the 1960s.
Every time we see a battered child on television or a homeless person sprawled on an urban sidewalk or a lonely old person peeking out of an apartment window or persons ravaqed old illness, we should say, emphatically as a possible, God mad made these people and they are good.
Glazier is the first person to be granted clemency based on evidence that she was a victim of battered child syndrome, according to Paul Mones, the lead attorney in the clemency action.
The Child by Jules Valles (1879) was the original novelized cry of protest from a battered child whose father was, as he put it, "master of me as of a dog.
O'Connell alleges that what McKittrick actually said was that she didn't think it appropriate for councilors to report someone who comes into City Hall with a beaten and battered child.