domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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Because of these two distinct and conflicting forms, one might ask, "[W]hich use of battered child syndrome do you believe?
I haven't been unduly concerned about this until one of the mothers at the local school joked that it looked like she was a battered child.
Nearly twenty volumes of testimony was offered, not to prove that the mother conformed to a stereotypical "profile", but a well recognized medical diagnosis, MSBP, a relative of battered child syndrome.
Further, the standard account masks the transformation of child protection discourse over time, instead imagining a continuity between the cruelty of the 1870s and the battered child syndrome of the 1960s.
5) When evaluating the guilt or innocence of the accused, jurors were urged to consider battered child syndrome in the Menendez trial and battered woman syndrome in the Bobbitt trial.
Every time we see a battered child on television or a homeless person sprawled on an urban sidewalk or a lonely old person peeking out of an apartment window or persons ravaqed old illness, we should say, emphatically as a possible, God mad made these people and they are good.
Kinky hair syndrome: serial study of radiologic findings with emphasis on the similarity to the battered child syndrome.
Glazier is the first person to be granted clemency based on evidence that she was a victim of battered child syndrome, according to Paul Mones, the lead attorney in the clemency action.
The Child by Jules Valles (1879) was the original novelized cry of protest from a battered child whose father was, as he put it, "master of me as of a dog.
My mother was a teen mother--unmarried--and for a long time I was a battered child," Moore recalls.
O'Connell alleges that what McKittrick actually said was that she didn't think it appropriate for councilors to report someone who comes into City Hall with a beaten and battered child.
The High Court in Perth was told the battered child could have survived if she had got help promptly.
Following the abortion, the mother of the rapist dropped off my physically and emotionally battered child in another town 30 miles away from our home.
Neither are other recognized forms of PTSD like Combat Veteran's Syndrome; Rape Trauma Syndrome; Battered Child Syndrome; and syndromes arising from disasters like earthquakes, plane crashes, and fires.
At trial, the State introduced evidence through two physicians that the victim was a battered child, including testimony concerning several prior injuries to the infant, such as partially healed rib fractures.