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From animelle fritte (lamb sweetbreads, rolled in flour, dipped in beaten egg and fried) to carciofi alla giudia (Roman artichokes, deep fried in extra virgin olive oil, but order this dish only when artichokes are in season, or you will get the canned variety), from fried lamb brain to batter-fried baccala (cod) filet, from castaglone (deep fried dough balls, dusted with sugar or honey) to male zucchini blossoms, stuffed with ricotta/mozzarella and anchovies, you cannot not binge on the fried stuff.
For example, 3 oz of batter-fried chicken breast (meat only) contains 160 calories and 4 g of fat, according to the ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory.
For example, 3 ounces of batter-fried chicken breast (meat only) contains 160 calories and 4 grams of fat, according to ARS' Nutrient Data Laboratory in Riverdale, Maryland.
Crumbed scallops, fish burgers, batter-fried fish fillets, marinara mix or any other of more than 20 different items are offered in all kinds of sizes and packaging.
Make it Better: If the chicken is batter-fried, peel it.
Or Murray may celebrate the language, whether it be the dozens, the "cussing," the codes, or the metaphors peculiar to black folk speech; or he may relish the memory of food, so central to all occurrences in the black community, from "eating fried mullet with hot sauce and bakery bread and drinking Nehi Orange Crush" (125) in a local cookshop, to the Sunday morning breakfast which may feature as entrees "porkchops or fried chicken [and] batter-fried oysters with grits and butter" (91).
By 1930, the business had expanded into a thriving chain of restaurants featuring a popular batter-fried halibut.
You also get extra wings with every purchase of the Classic or Batter-Fried Wings.
A batter-fried Mandarin fish (Dh45) comes a close second.
To begin with, we shared a platter of batter-fried croquettes with tender shredded beef, crusted shrimp cake with cheese oozing out, and small chicken pies.
The taste of juicy Greek olives, batter-fried and stuffed with almonds lingers on.
For warm-ups we delved into batter-fried seafood choices: Golden Squid and Softshell Crab Tempura ($5.
We don't do batter-fried tacos,'' explains McCarney, adding that ``our concept is clean and good-for-you food.
A dozen buttermilk batter-fried shrimp go in every Shrimp Po'Boy.
And the half haddock fillet I had was amply sized and batter-fried, to boot.