batter bread

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soft bread made of cornmeal and sometimes rice or hominy


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This recipe makes 2 loaves of our original round batter bread that we've been serving at the Crown in downtown Indianola since 1976.
Whip up creations such as Spinach Basil Spread, Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake, Easter Egg Bread, Mandarin Orange Muffins, Lemon Cake, Raspberry Macaroon Bars, Cheddar-Caraway Batter Bread, Favorite Banana Pecan Muffins and Tuscan Artichoke Puree.
We have made what I call breakfast bread for many years -- it is nothing more than muffin batter bread.
Whip up Chile Corn Bread, Beer Batter Bread or Ranch-Flavored Cheese Twists for accompaniments, or buy hearty breads - such as olive, rosemary, onion, garlic and dark rye varieties - at the supermarket.
Participants in Make Your Own Artisan Breads will learn, with hands-on and one-on-one help, to create ciabatta (artisan white), 100 percent whole-wheat, sourdough oatmeal and quick white batter breads, and will take samples home.
These little batter breads were as light and fluffy as if my mum had made them.