batter's box

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an area on a baseball diamond (on either side of home plate) marked by lines within which the batter must stand when at bat

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They looked a little uncomfortable in the batter's box.
Boomer finished the season with 98 at-bats, 83 home runs, 13 doubles, one triple that left him lame at third base, and one fly-out thanks to slipping on mud in the batter's box while he swung.
But the infield looked smooth, the mowed weeds in the outfield looked almost like grass, and it had a batter's box and foul lines.
It's hard enough to stand in the batter's box in a situation like that and calm yourself down enough to get the winning hit.
The team points out that in a split second, the player's action system determines whether the ball is going to hit their body, and whether to initiate a defensive bail out of the batter's box.
All hitters step into the batter's box with a 2-1 count.
Business partners Kurt Dixon and Terry Hilton opened The Batter's Box in Sherwood to give baseball and softball players a chance to practice using machines that combine reality and virtual reality.
Some man is yelling somewhere behind me as I stand sweating in the batter's box.
Moreover, we predicted that positions behind the outside corner (ON) anti outside batter's box line (OF) would produce the most accurate judgments of all positions tested.
Each time McGwire steps into the batter's box, his powerful frame and sledgehammer swing give him the potential to turn nearly any pitch into a 137-meter (450-ft) home run that has fans screaming "Big Mac, Big Mac
CHICAGO CUBS SLUGGER SAMMY Sosa often crosses himself before stepping into the batter's box, presumably praying for a productive plate appearance.
Hank Aaron was always in the batter's box trying to knock Milwaukee one run ahead of San Francisco's Willie Mays playing in the center of Candlestick Park chasing down every fly ball.
One, in particular, will require hitters to keep at least one foot in the batter's box once they step in or face a $500 fine.
Right out of the batter's box, let us get this straight: This novel is OK if it weren't labeled Robert B.
I stepped out of the batter's box and clunked some dirt caught in my spikes, then looked down to the third-base coach, who ignored me.