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he said, addressing one of the battalion commanders who smilingly pressed forward (it was plain that they both felt happy).
The battalion commander perceived the jovial irony and laughed.
Everybody praised the valor and magnanimity of Sir Launcelot; and as for me, I was perfectly amazed, that one man, all by himself, should have been able to beat down and capture such battalions of practiced fighters.
And although a complete proof of this latter cannot be shown, nevertheless there was some evidence of it at the battle of Ravenna, when the Spanish infantry were confronted by German battalions, who follow the same tactics as the Swiss; when the Spaniards, by agility of body and with the aid of their shields, got in under the pikes of the Germans and stood out of danger, able to attack, while the Germans stood helpless, and, if the cavalry had not dashed up, all would have been over with them.
He is the war-lord who sends his battalions of Atlantic rollers to the assault of our seaboard.
Now so long as the day waxed and it was still morning, their darts rained thick on one another and the people perished, but as the hour drew nigh when a woodman working in some mountain forest will get his midday meal--for he has felled till his hands are weary; he is tired out, and must now have food--then the Danaans with a cry that rang through all their ranks, broke the battalions of the enemy.
The Trojans then wheeled round, and again met the Achaeans, while the Argives on their part strengthened their battalions.
Now and again he would turn and show fight, keeping back the battalions of the Trojans, and then he would again retreat; but he prevented any of them from making his way to the ships.
He killed a couple of battalions of cats (Tangier is full of them) and made a parlor carpet out of their hides.
They therefore chose as leaders Mice that were most renowned for their family descent, strength, and counsel, as well as those most noted for their courage in the fight, so that they might be better marshaled in battle array and formed into troops, regiments, and battalions.
And still the silent battalions moved slowly forward in the haze.
Because the 844th Engineer Battalion received external evaluations from the 75th Training Division at Warrior Training Exercise in 2013 and Combat Support Training Exercise 91-14-03 in 2014, the desired outcome was to use the battalion observers-controllers trainers as coaches, teachers, and mentors.
ISLAMABAD -- India will raise five more battalions to be deployed in occupied Kashmir to suppress the Kashmiris just struggle for securing their inalienable right to self-determination.
The 23d CBRNE Battalion trains for two distinct wartime mission sets:
The plaque and bench will be the first formal gesture of memorial for the 16th Battalion and their sacrifice at the Battle of the Somme in July 1916.