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a dyed fabric

dye with wax

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Because of their universal recognition, batiks can represent commonplace life, culture, and society, yet they also highlight the many bright moments that stand out from the daily rigors, chores, and routines.
It is not surprising that the most complex batiks require nine to ten months of daily work.
He said he chose the term batik giraffe because of the animal's curiosity as it never hides even when people are staring at it.
The items on display included Tanzanian khangas and Kitenge, batik, handmade beaded frames, banana leaf artworks, attractive beaded coasters as well as stunning accessories such as bags, clutches, sandals, bracelets, necklaces, bowls, key chains, besides others, all depicting the unique African beauty.
Batik suddenly became feasible with donated slow cookers/crock-pots, candles and inexpensive fabric.
The stall displayed things such as attractive wooden carvings, batik paintings, baskets, horns, drums, musical instruments, beside other items.
In this "conversational piece," she discusses the batik process she uses to illustrate the children's books published by Farrar Straus Giroux and suggests ways to introduce batik techniques in the art classroom.
de Ball, linens in colorful batik designs at Verena Batiks and man-made suedes in soft, melon colorways at American Silk.
Our initial line will have new treatments of animal skin prints, Indonesian batiks and tropical retro designs as well as the always popular romantic florals whose popularity defies changing fashion moods.
The wonderful cracks and veins in the final batiks are what make the batik so captivating to me.
Currently occupied by Handloom Batiks, the 800-square-foot, ground level store is located on the west side of Mulberry Street, between Prince and Spring Streets.
Ada Bird's work is featured in several books on Aboriginal art, and her batiks, as well as her paintings, are held in major collections all over the world.
305-673-0635) boutique that, in the past, has sold world music, jewelry and fantastic batiks and silks.
They had lived in the house for 12 years, but a growing library and collection of carpets, rugs and batiks were demanding more space.