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Synonyms for bathyscaph

navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration

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The steel-encased timepiece made the dive strapped to the outside of the bathyscaph.
It is accompanied by the original 1960 letter from Rolex and subsequent complimentary invoice; the book " Seven Miles Down: The story of the bathyscaph Trieste" by Jacques Piccard; an original 1960 copy of Life Magazine featuring the Trieste on the cover; an August 1960 National Geographic magazine with an article on the Trieste dive by Jacques Piccard(in pristine condition); a copy of Don Walsh's award citation from President Eisenhower,1960; a copy of Walsh's award citation from the secretary of the navy,1960; a copy of the Rolex booklet celebrating the 25th anniversary of the deep dive, 1985; and a souvenir photograph of Don Walsh, Jacques Piccard, and the Trieste (all signed by Don Walsh).