bathyal zone

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the steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf to the abyssal zone

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And finally, the ontogeny of eye structure, beginning at hatching and continuing through J-1, is consonant with a switch from bathypelagic existence during larval stages to a benthic vent existence at metamorphosis.
13] values of lipids from phototrophic zone microplankton and bathypelagic shrimps at the Azores sector of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
So, the bathypelagic zone has no living plants, which require energy from the sun to grow.
This force, which is the result of the weight of a column of water pushing down, is so strong in the bathypelagic zone that it would crush anything with air in it.
The bathypelagic zone and its inhabitants are still very mysterious.
3) BATHYPELAGIC ZONE: Known as the midnight zone, this area of the deep sea is pitch-black.
At 1,000 m to 4,000 m (3,281 ft to 13,123 ft) beneath the ocean's surface is the bathypelagic zone.
Stagnant bathypelagic waters are safe for frail creatures that would normally be torn apart by surface waves or bad weather.
We confidently expect discovery of additional species from meso- and bathypelagic waters.
How can such a delicate, passive creature survive the relentless bathypelagic environment?
Stagnant bathypelagic waters make for safe meandering by frail creatures that would normally be torn apart by surface waves or foul weather.
What's more, the squid's flabby constitution is actually common among bathypelagic invertebrates (animals without backbones), explains Long.
The bizarre mystery squid shares the bathypelagic with zone some of Earth's most alien creatures, including anglerfish, razorfish, and dragonfish.
Plants, from single-celled algae to huge kelp, produce oxygen in the shallow ocean--but no plants live in the bathypelagic.
While many mid-ocean fish feature bulging eyes designed to capture as much dim light as possible, dark-dwelling bathypelagic fish sport beady, minuscule peepers.