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measuring the depths of the oceans

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The event is a great platform for survey professionals to be introduced to the latest advancements in underwater imaging and mapping products and technologies such as the single beam and multi beam echosounders, side scan sonars, swath bathymetry systems, underwater cameras and other hydrographic surveying tools.
Although abundance distribution is dependent on many factors, it has been proved to be closely correlated with ecological bathymetry (Dodd & Stanton 1990).
is organized alphabetically by Latin binomial designation and contains 300 different species, each with a two-page entry consisting of a color image, classification data, morphological description, synonyms, information on geography, bathymetry, and stratigraphy, followed by references.
To these I would add a fourth variable: the bathymetry and submerged topography of the marine environment adjacent to the sites in question--the physical structure of what one might call the offshore catchment'--and changes resulting from relative sea level variation (including eustatic and isostatic/tectonic effects).
He said, "Capacity building of the National Institute of Oceanography in the areas of mapping of tidal energy potential, bathymetry, high resolution marine acoustics, integrated coastal zone management and monitoring of marine pollution is necessary to carry out its mandate effectively and efficiently".
Using multibeam sonar to map seafloor bathymetry, which is analogous to mapping the topography of the land surface, the team led by Ian Dalziel, research professor at The University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics and professor in the Jackson School of Geosciences, identified seafloor rises in the central Scotia Sea.
Two bathymetries of the Baltic Sea nearshore are applied for evaluation of impact of Sventoji port reconstruction on the litodynamic processes: the Lithuanian Baltic Sea nearshore bathymetry (grid size for modelling--100 m) and bathymetry of Sventoji port water territory (grid size for modelling--20 m).
Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors.
Since that time, Beach has conducted aerial high resolution gravity and magnetic surveys and a bathymetry survey over the lake, which has satisfied its financial commitment for the first four year term of its exploration agreement with the government.
After the mission, the recorded HISAS 1030 image data was post-processed into high-resolution (4x4 cm) sonar images and bathymetry maps of the pipeline.
Data collection in the Arctic has been challenging because of ice and weather conditions, and several innovative solutions were implemented to collect seismic and bathymetry data using ice-breakers and large ice camps.
Organized by the National Council for Scientific Research, and within the framework of the CANA Project on Establishing Monitoring and Sustainable Development of the Lebanese Sea, this workshop on "Coastal Bathymetry of Lebanon,' aims at bringing together institutions and individuals concerned with the knowledge of the physical environment of the Lebanese sea, particularly near the coast: scientists, coastal managers, and stakeholders in the domain of marine resources.
To help boaters take full advantage of C-MAP 4D's High Resolution Bathymetry and navigation charts, the CPN-700i and CPN-1010i feature 50-channel GPS receivers and bonded, sunlight viewable displays for superior clarity in real-world conditions.
An appendix outlines the development of bathymetry from the earliest line-and-sinker methods to modern multi-beam sounding.
Hayes said: "How far offshore you can see is determined by the local slope of the lakebed, or bathymetry.