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measuring the depths of the oceans

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The dive shape and the uniform depth over successive dives suggest that the bottom of the dive is bathymetrically constrained.
Because currents are bathymetrically channeled, cetacean seasonal habitats can be related to oceanographic regimes via selection ratios.
interrupta, two of the most geographically and bathymetrically widespread species in Alaska, are encountered with greater frequency.
Conversely, in moderate and low transport years, gray whales more commonly selected shelf/trough areas, where bathymetrically directed currents may provide migration cues to southbound whales.
GC234 and GB425 are in the geologically and bathymetrically complex Garden Banks and Green Canyon regions characterized by active salt diapirism, associated faulting (Bouma et al.
Browns Bank and Georges Bank are bathymetrically separated by the relatively deep (>260 meters) Fundian Channel which may act as a barrier to adult migration, whereas Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals are separated by the relatively shallow (<100 meters) Great South Channel.
Nevertheless, 10 y later (year 2001), the abundance of infested pink abalone was again higher than that of normal pink abalone, and normal and infested organisms seemed to be bathymetrically segregated.