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Synonyms for bathymetrical

of or relating to measurements of the depths of oceans or lakes


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The Pakistan government has neither installed tide gauges on the coastal belt nor conducted any topographical or bathymetrical surveys of the Arabian Sea.
The Japan Coast Guard, which at the time planned to survey the seafloor topography of the area, hopes to revive the plan because its current bathymetrical data on the area around the islets -- called Takeshima in Japan and Dokdo in Korea -- is outdated.
The trend is less distinct in the incomplete submesocycles (II and IV) that were formed in more uniform facies and bathymetrical conditions.
The question, simply put, sought the bathymetrical range of the pelagic fauna: "Having always been more or less interested in pelagic fauna, having paid considerable attention to its vertical distribution during my earlier cruises on the Blake, I was naturally anxious to reconcile the conflicting statements and expressions of the naturalists of the Challenger and Gazelle on one side, and my own observations on the other" (Agassiz, 1892).
Later on, the limits of sub-wetlands were examined in relation to the depth of the lake, determined according to the Lake Cedasas bathymetrical map of 1970.
In June 1998 the mouths of the bays were investigated aboard the r/v Littorina by vibrocoring, bathymetrical surveying, sidescan sonar and seismoacoustic (boomer) measurements.