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of or relating to measurements of the depths of oceans or lakes

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For decades, the Navy has used bathymetric lidar to create nautical charts or detect submarines moving through the oceans, Tuell said.
While you're watching the Navionics background chart on your phone or tablet, the Vexilar sonar is delivering bathymetric data, and new contour lines appear on the chart as you motor along.
347867 Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority: bathymetric survey services ?
The bathymetric map, which shows lake depth, links to lake-specific fishing reports and boating information.
ABSTRACT A high-salinity embayment located near Beaufort, North Carolina was surveyed to create a bathymetric profile of the main basin.
For example, through the combination of Odom's echo sounders with Teledyne RDI's Doppler velocity logs, Teledyne Benthos' side scan sonar systems and Teledyne TSS' inertial sensing systems, Teledyne will provide an extensive line of precision products for marine navigation, detection, sonar imaging and bathymetric survey.
Bathymetric sexual segregation has been reported for many of the Chaceon species, including C.
Over the following four weeks, scientists used a multibeam echo sounder to collect more than 10,000 kilometers of bathymetric data on the Chukchi Borderland, a large undersea continental shelf stretching more than 500 miles from the Alaskan shore.
Sweden) begins with a discussion of echosounding and bathymetric map construction, the means of generating morphometric data, and defines lake morphometric parameters.
On her office computer, Smith received bathymetric, magnetic, and gravity information from R/V Knorr, which she used to guide the ship as it mapped the sea-floor in a study of unusual deep-sea earthquakes off South America.
electronic charts, the Global Positioning System and bathymetric, Doppler and polar navigation, as well as celestial and inertial navigation and navigational astronomy.
The researchers used high-resolution sonar to complete a detailed bathymetric map of the underwater landscape.
This open-ended contract provides NOAA and other federal, state, local and tribal organizations with access to state-of-the-art geospatial services including: airborne digital and hyperspectral imagery, LiDAR, and IFSAR; topographic and bathymetric mapping; thematic mapping; photogrammetric mapping; terrestrial surveying; and GIS services.
Tenders are invited for Eng - Reservoirs Bathymetric Study