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the steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf to the abyssal zone

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5 m, represented by one cuttings sample and one sidewall core sample, contains a largely agglutinated Ypresian assemblage with rare planktic foraminifera and a few bathyal calcareous benthic taxa, usually poorly preserved.
The environment of deposition at the Whycocomagh site was bathyal from at least the Ypresian until the Oligocene, when shallowing conditions reduced the diversity and numbers of planktic foraminifera.
Diets and bathymetric distributions of two bathyal sharks of the Catalan deep sea (western Mediterranean).
Cryptodaphne kilburni, a new species of bathyal Turridae (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia) from the Gulf of Aden (northwestern Indian Ocean).
Bathyal and abyssal species have been assigned a very approximate value of 3[degrees]C to allow comparisons.
The stratigraphic thickness of the section is 100 m and is composed of finely laminated diatomaceous shale interbedded with gray siltstone and fine dark mudstone deposited on a submarine fan at bathyal depths (Durham and Yerkes 1964; Yerkes 1972; Critelli et al.
Such is in marked contrast to the Calliotropidae, which are largely bathyal (>200 m), and are associated with unconsolidated substrata and colder water (including the Antarctic).
subfusiformis Cushman, 1925; Epistominella subperuviana (Cushman, 1926); and Uvigerina subperegrina Cushman and Kleinpell, 1934, are considered indices of outer shelf and bathyal depths (Finger, 1990), Gray interpreted the Puente Formation in his study area as having been deposited in a nearshore, shallow water environment.