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any fixture in a bathroom

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For example, Villeroy & Boch produces ceramic and porcelain tiles and bathroom fixtures in Germany and the three divisions -- tabletop, tile and bathroom -- will be integrated to combine marketing efforts under the House of Villeroy & Boch moniker, and will be shown in the store.
Bathroom fixtures contributed the highest revenue in 2015, while the kitchen fixtures are anticipated to grow at the highest rate.
Pozzi Bathroom Solutions is Wilcon Depot's own line of sanitarywares and bathroom fixtures.
ClickPress, Wed Jun 25 2014] Discount bathroom retailers Bathshop321 are in the process of greatly expanding their comprehensive range of bathroom fixtures and furnishings following a sizable investment from the David Lees group.
Sanitec's portfolio includes bathroom ceramics, furniture, pre-wall flushing solutions, taps and mixers, as well as baths and showers bathroom ceramics and bathroom fixtures.
Mario Giannetti wants customers looking for new bathroom fixtures to have a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.
A Vidal Sasoon salon occupies one of the spaces and the second is occupied by the first American showroom of an international Japanese manufacturer of high-end bathroom fixtures.
Their newest items draw on this eco-friendly heritage while effectively cleaning modern kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures.
Its key customers in Bulgaria include bathroom fixtures manufacturer Ideal Standard Vidima and automobile electronics and accessories concern Epic Electronic Assembly.
Valley Design adds that its Dyecoat is appropriate for building components like doors, window frames and blinds, appliances, furniture, ceiling tiles, bathroom fixtures, wallboard, glass panels, decorated windows and signage.
Work will include wall protection, bathroom fixtures, lockers and fire-protection cabinets, as well as the installation of various owner-supplied furnishings such as special refrigerators and ice-makers, television brackets, proximity cabinets and water dispensers.
WypAll[R] Microfiber Cloths from Kimberly-Clark Professional trap soil and quickly absorb liquid for an environmentally friendly, streak-free clean on surfaces such as glass, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, stainless steel, and brass.
When the Howell family returned home, they were overwhelmed by all of the work the church members had done, including replacing the gravel driveway with a new concrete one, new bathroom fixtures, new carpeting, new floors in the bathroom and dining room, and even new furniture.
Called the Villeroy & Boch Dream Bath Makeover, one winner, to be announced in December, will have won $25,000 worth of bathroom fixtures from Villeroy & Boch--tiles, tub, toilet, the works (installation was not included).
But you are soon won over because it is so incredibly rich: it covers not only architecture and audio-visual, but bathroom fixtures, books, wallpapers and kitchens and an awful lot more.