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a preparation for cleaning bathrooms

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Kaboom(R) Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner, the latest break-through product from the makers of OxiClean(R), announced today it has been classified as the fastest growing product in the bathroom cleaner category for the 4 weeks ending July 13, 2003.
Our strongest growth category would probably be in bathroom cleaners, with the advent of the daily use shower cleaner and a `no-scrub' style bathroom cleaner.
But the panel, which included Great British Bake Off 2013 winner Frances Quinn and food critic Charles Campion, was less complimentary about upmarket retailer Fortnum and Mason's PS10 St James pudding, describing it as having an "artificial flavour" and comparing the taste to a citrus bathroom cleaner.
slated toffs' favourites Fortnum and Mason's PS10 pud for tasting like lemon bathroom cleaner.
4 litres) is on offer for PS3 or two for PS4, and Mr Muscle Kitchen or Bathroom Cleaner (500ml) is down from PS1.
The spray range is supplemented with various liquid detergents: a washing up liquid, an all-purpose cleaner and a high-strength version for tougher cleaning jobs, and a bathroom cleaner.
Police believe the teen used The Works, a bathroom cleaner, together with aluminum foil in an effort to start a fire inside Starrex, a local manufacturing plant on Main Street.
Earlier, she tried to make the children drink bathroom cleaner, but when they would not swallow, she wrapped wire around their necks and strangled them.
The products come in the form of a multisurface cleaner, toilet cleaner, washing-up liquid and bathroom cleaner, and are now being sold in Tesco - under the brand of Aggie MacKenzie, of Channel 4's How Clean is Your House?
Aggie's Probiotics range features a multisurface cleaner, washing up liquid, toilet cleaner and bathroom cleaner were launched last month by Footprint International.
A true leader leaves the bathroom cleaner than they found it.
Before painting tiles, scrub them with a good bathroom cleaner or a sugar soap spray to get rid of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel residues.
Confused about what's really in your beauty products ; Which are perfectly natural and which products contain more chemicals than your bathroom cleaner ; You're not alone.
You may have to use a ceramic tile or bathroom cleaner.