medicine cabinet

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cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries

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GIVE your bathroom cabinet a face-lift with special Crackle Glaze paint.
Canadian prices for glasses range from $4 to $20; for towels, $6 to $45, and for accessories, $4 to $100 for a bathroom cabinet.
No matter how well you brush your teeth, there are always tiny places you can't reach - and that's why this dental pick and scaler kit is a great addition to your bathroom cabinet.
ON THE SHELF SISLEY fans can stock up their bathroom cabinet with the brand's bumper gift.
Its products are offered to customer base of kitchen and bathroom cabinet, furniture makers, plus the residential and commercial woodworking industry, as well as a large customer base of hardware retailers, including renovation superstores.
that alerted social workers Police interviewed the family and Kerry's mother remembered that three days before she had slipped while bathing and Kerry had banged her head on the bathroom cabinet.
com Fans of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream will love the new limited edition collectible version of the hero product, which comes in 1980s inspired packaging that will brighten any bathroom cabinet.
More than pounds 50,000 was found in Sayers' home while police say pounds 40,000 was found in Mrs Sayers' house in two plastic bags in a bathroom cabinet.
Ah telled thee ooanly tuthri days sin' 'at ther wer a new tube in t' bathroom cabinet.
The bottle is shaped as four cubes decorated in pastel colours to play on Givenchy's famous 4G logo and is an attractive addition to a bedside table or bathroom cabinet.
IT'S different for girls - especially the kind who keep their hormones in the bathroom cabinet.
GIVE your room Hollywood glamour with a 1930s-inspired mirrored bathroom cabinet.
The world's top researchers know that there is a clear link between nutrition and skin health but while the majority of us have a bathroom cabinet stocked with an array of lotions and potions, only 24 per cent have tried a supplement.
In other Harry Styles' bathroom cabinet news, the sensual soul alleviates his homesickness by packing a scented candle to take on the road.