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Synonyms for bathroom



Synonyms for bathroom

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Nagaina came to the bathroom sluice and called for Nag," Darzee went on, "and Nag came out on the end of a stick--the sweeper picked him up on the end of a stick and threw him upon the rubbish heap.
The boy is safe, and it was I--I--I that caught Nag by the hood last night in the bathroom.
There was but a bathroom besides; no kitchen, no servant's room; neither are necessary in King John's Mansions.
You see, I was in my bathroom all the time--with the door open.
The words came thick and slow with horror, and in horror I heard myself repeating them, while the cowering figure by the bathroom window rose gradually erect.
Then Jackson, with glittering drops of water on his hair and beard, came back looking angry, and Hollis, who, being the youngest of us, assumed an indolent superiority, said without stirring, "Give him a dry sarong--give him mine; it's hanging up in the bathroom.
He was the vanishing fellow I saw sitting on a chair in Baron Stott- Wartenheim's bathroom.
With affordable prices and expert design, Atlas can help turn your old bathroom into a stylish and luxurious space in which to enjoy some me time.
Extraordinary bathroom ideas are at the heart of everything Bespoke does and, with inspiration from the world's leading bathroom brands, clients can choose from the nest products to create a bathroom perfect for their home.
Expect to see more 'disappearing designs' that tuck away anything that looks untidy, along with products that bring smart home technology to the bathroom to really transform the space into a sanctuary for the mind and body.
But just because our bathroom isn't as big as we would like doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.
The interactive guide is designed to deal with those irritating DIY problems in and around the bathroom that we all face from time to time.
Edwardian basin with upstand, PS195, Frontline Bathrooms (www.
Beautiful baths With the bathroom increasingly viewed as a relaxing area, a freestanding bath will add instant impact and act as a focal point for the room.
Ideal Standard, a leading bathroom specialist in Europe, has unveiled an interesting bathroom research which provides some fascinating glimpses into family life.