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Synonyms for bathroom



Synonyms for bathroom

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Nagaina came to the bathroom sluice and called for Nag," Darzee went on, "and Nag came out on the end of a stick--the sweeper picked him up on the end of a stick and threw him upon the rubbish heap.
The boy is safe, and it was I--I--I that caught Nag by the hood last night in the bathroom.
These two cabins communicated through a small bathroom between them, and one was fitted up as the captain's state-room.
If you don't mould, make sure bathroom is using exractor fan BECOME A FAN OF FANS The first thing you need to think about is ventilation.
The company's Chief Financial Officer Steve Priest announced the bathroom problems during an earnings call with industry analysts this week.
ONE of the region's leading bathroom specialists, The Bathroom Studio, are this year celebrating 25 years since they opened their luxurious bathroom showroom in Kingston Park, Newcastle.
USPRwire, Tue Oct 10 2017] PLATINUM TAPS & BATHROOMS, a nationwide retailer of high quality bathroom furnitures and facilities since 2005, has recently announced the grand launch of its new website.
This year's Geberit catalogue for the Gulf will, for the first time, also include its bathroom series comprising ceramic sanitary appliances and bathroom furniture.
The growing list of public officials who oppose Republicans' efforts to regulate bathroom use for transgender Texans now includes law enforcement.
The bathroom continues to be one area of the house that homeowners are willing to spend money on.
In this edition of the Homemaker lighting guru Paul Hill from Ocean gives us some tips on planning the lighting in a modern bathroom - Always remember that you want your bathroom lighting to work equally well at all times of the day and throughout the year, whether it's dark dark winter night or summers day in July.
com)-- Customers are invited to peruse the latest collection of bathroom furniture and accessories online via their re-designed website http://www.
World's First Bathroom-Theme App and Book Aim to Help Consumers Style Their Bathrooms with Expert Designer Themes
AS one of the most regularly used rooms in the home, your bathroom may be longing for some muchneeded attention.