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a loose-fitting robe of towelling

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Pincher, who was not an MP at the time, allegedly then left the room and returned in a bathrobe "like a pound shop Harvey Weinstein".
Kate, 44, told how she went for a meeting with director Weinstein in his room at London's Savoy to find him in a bathrobe trying to ply her with booze.
There is photo evidence of a younger Trump wearing a bathrobe, although no such photos from his time in the White House.
In his tweet, Herken questioned the appearance of the soldier, asking, "Do you know which Turkic state that man wearing a bathrobe represents?
Johansson then takes off the bathrobe revealing a tight black dress and suggestively sucks on a straw saying "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi" and that line is to be cut from the commercial.
Odes said she felt "humiliated" wearing the bathrobe, and was given the option to go out and purchase a long sweater instead, but while she was shopping for one, she received a phone call saying she was fired.
The ultra-comfortable Paradise Terry Bathrobe ($242) which comes in white, taupe, and natural, and is available in sizes from Small to XXL--is perfect for the bath, pool, or spa.
uk/video/1179210) is clearly pitched to straight guys, while one by Philips Bodygroom, which features a live actor in a bathrobe who's both seductive and butch, is more ambiguous.
He is bright," she said, adding in a description of the moment he greeted her after a scene we're sure has been lost in Spanish translation: "When he saw me, he came with his bathrobe and his hairs of madman - he told me: 'I have missed you'.
You, too, can look like Rocky Balboa in this bathrobe, which is a snip at pounds 39.
16 carat pear shaped diamond (Australia's largest diamond), personalised bathrobe and stationery, unlimited spa treatments from Payot plus skincare products, all breakfasts and room service and 2 HHonors VIP cards.
A POLICEMAN who had been drinking heavily was found dead at the foot of stairs with half of his bathrobe cord tied around his neck.
on a Saturday morning, while still in my bathrobe, and before my first cup of caffeine.
Full-page patterns and easy directions assume prior knitting experience and provide fun socks, a bathrobe for boys, toys, and more for this age range.
A DAVID BECKHAM fan offered to pay pounds 1,000 for the bathrobe he wore before this week's England-Uruguay match, it was claimed today.