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Synonyms for bathos

Synonyms for bathos

the quality or condition of being affectedly or overly emotional

Synonyms for bathos

triteness or triviality of style

insincere pathos


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a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one

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I seek in this article to extend our thinking of bathos as an effect of disproportion, and to explore the ways in which the romance heroine might be bathetically 'shrunk' or 'diminished'.
Ammons's monism is a constant in every metaphorical register, inviting the bathos of translation into excrementalism as well as the exaltation of garbage as radiant and the substantiation of air as lyric.
There is a glamorous final dance number - deliberately over the top maybe - but dramatically it would have been better if A Chorus Line had ended on a note of bathos.
Like Buster Keaton, Donald Bacchler nimbly treads an elegant path between the banana peel of the obvious and that of the obscure; one slip and his work falls into comedic bathos.
Pic narrowly avoids outright bathos, thanks largely to first-rate perfs by its child thesps and by Ray Liotta.
Bath Bath Tourism Plus (BTP) is organizing BathOs first OTwiTripO (Twitter Trip), which will be attended by 2011 Masterchef winner, Tim Anderson, who will visit Bath on Aug.
His perspectives are Richard II, La Guisiade, and the invention of tragic heroes; from pathos to bathos in early English tragedy, or the comedy of terrors; and staging the Judith jinx.
If waiting heightens anticipation, then those in Syria calling for reform, as well as those in the international community watching the country with ever-growing worry, would end wallowing in bathos.
The new OWorld Heritage Walking Tour (An InsiderOs Guide to BathOs History and Architecture),O has been created by Bath Tourism Plus as part of their OYear of the MuseumO program for 2011.
It was a shame because, with its edgeof-the-seat highs and swooping lows, bathos and comedy, the circus theme lent itself perfectly to the subject matter.
In a moment of utter bathos, a group of volunteers collapsed as a board on which they were perched gave way under them -- orchestrated perfectly with the songs.
Further, this nuance extends beyond conceptualization and also characterizes the study's measurement strategy, as the author finds clever yet persuasive approaches to measure otherwise seemingly intangible notions such as pathos and bathos.
There was vocal elegance, too, from soprano Elizabeth Atherton, whose stunning technical agility and wonderful projection made a joy of Rosalinde's Cs[sz]rd[sz]s from Die Fledermaus, and brought to that pinnacle of sentimentality, Vilja, a refreshing lack of bathos.
Here and there you have glimpses of a better show but bathos is never far away.
A Yemeni student studying in Europe or elsewhere has become a source of bathos and sympathy, thereby helping them get discounts from educational institutions where they are enrolled after officials of these institutions realize their hard economic conditions.