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of or relating to a batholith


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Frontal cordillera sources could have had one source location (a single igneous batholithic complex accounting for basic-intermediate-acid clasts) or varied ones (accounting for the basic clasts and for the intermediate-acid clasts).
REE variations across the peninsular ranges batholiths: implications for batholithic petrogenesis and crustal growth in magmatic arcs.
Specific topics examined include thermal evolution and exhumation of deep-level batholithic exposures in Sierra Nevada, California; structural controls on middle Cretaceous sedimentation in the Toney Butte area of Ochoco basin, central Oregon; and geochronologic constraints across the Main Central Thrust shear zone in India.
High amplitude peak-to-peak zones along the Andes Mountains overlay mapped mineralized batholithic intrusions (INGEOMINAS, 1987).
The district is centered over a gravity and magnetic low that suggests the presence of a batholithic body at depth (Kleinkopf et al.
This interpretation fits extremely well with the general Blackburn geological picture of a series of apophyses intruding host rocks further suggesting that the intrusives are part of a large batholithic scale system which would be considered to be deep subvolcanic to batholithic level.