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large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth

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Parent mineralogy, paleoenvironment, and subsequent diagenetic and erosional history contribute to the nature of the paleoweathering profiles (saprolites) developed on the South Mountain Batholith.
Glacial and till clast geology of Kejimkujik Lake, Nova Scotia: South Mountain Batholith Project.
1987, 1988; Caron 1996) of the Silurian Kingsclear Group form the country rock around the Lake George granodiorite, which lies approximately 350 m below the surface along the southeastern margin of the Pokiok Batholith.
2003), peraluminous South Mountain Batholith and some 40 km from the past producing (1985-1992) East Kemptville tin deposit (Fig.
The rock types are based on the 1:50 000-scale geological maps of the South Mountain Batholith (SMB) published by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, specifically Ham (1991, 1994), Home (1992), MacDonald and Ham (1992, 1994a, b), Corey and Home (1994), Ham and MacDonald (1994), and Horne and Corey (1994).
gt;500[degrees]C) geochronometric data for the Musquodoboit Batholith (MB, MacDonald and Clarke 1985; Fig.
The Hawkshaw Granite comprises most of the eastern lobe of the Pokiok Batholith, which crops out about three kilometres west of the Lake George Antimony Mine (Fig.
There are also four regional targets: (1) NE ultramafic-felsic units (Ultramafic-Felsic Tuff NE Target); (2) a northern highly folded iron formation belt (Iron Formation NE Target); (3) an eastern linear iron formation (Iron Formation East Target); and (4) the northern Jeremie Batholith contact area (Jeremie Batholith Margin).
1999), prior to emplacement of the South Mountain Batholith and related plutons at ca.
Red Eagle Mining is developing the 100 square kilometre historic Santa Rosa Gold Project located in the Antioquia Batholith.
One major difficulty is the strong influence of the Riga anorthosite-mangerite-charnockite-rapakivi granite (= AMCG) batholith dated at ca 1580 Ma (Ramo et al.
Geophysical results infer the Groundhog Project lies along the Northeast margin of the large Cretaceous granodiorite Kaskanak batholith and is intersected by a north-northeast-trending corridor of distinctive co-magmatic hypabyssal intrusives.
Both the North and Bloody Creek structures are located within the South Mountain Batholith (ca.
The volcanic geology of the mid-arc island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles; the surface expression of an island arc batholith.
The new nickel mineralization occurs as massive to semi-massive sulphides, at, or immediately below the contact between the South Kawishiwi Intrusion and the Giants Range batholith.