bathing machine

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a building containing dressing rooms for bathers

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Bathing machine in Llawn arts festival in Llandudno |
The original wooden bathing machine, which ran down a ramp into the sea and from which Victoria would emerge in her swimming suit, her modesty preserved, has been returned to the beach.
The picture, done in Carroll's trademark violet ink, shows Edith in a beach costume holding a bucket and spade and leaning against the wheel of a Victorian bathing machine.
Leading urban artist Pure Evil will decorate one bathing machine with a graffiti portrait of Queen Victoria, incorporating his well known signature tear.
Drove down to the beach with my maid, and went into the bathing machine, where I undressed and swam in the sea.
We've got a homage to Hitchcock's The Birds with people dressed up as Tippi Hedren, as well as various replicas of the iconic Victorian bathing machine.
He sought cover among the bathing machines but was chased out of his hiding place and made another run for liberty.
GEORGE CLARKE'S AMAZING SPACES Channel 4, 8pm Back in the Victorian era, bathing machines were all the rage, capable of hiding a person's modesty while allowing them to enjoy the pleasures of the ocean.
Pictures in The Gazette's archives date as far back as the Victorian times when bathing machines were next to the pier.
Ravilious quite caught the eye last autumn, however, when his 1938 painting Bathing Machines, Aldeburgh, sold at auction for a little over a quarter of a million pounds.
Alexander Mowat had the monopoly on sea-bathing at the beach and what is now Regent Quay from the 1840s, when fashionable Victorians would preserve their modesty utilising his bathing machines on the sands.
As for bathing, this spot was well suited to the feeble and infirm since, according to a guide-book, there was a good supply of "well conducted" bathing machines, while the pebbly beach itself "descends gently into the sea, which is generally clear, and free from weed" (Hyett 12).
Headlines include stories about bathing machines, children as young as nine smoking and drinking and zero per cent income tax, among other fascinating stories about the city from the time.
Even in 1896, according to Barry historian Tom Clemetts, a warm bank holiday could draw 30,000 people to the Island and its genteel bathing machines.
It was among the pioneers of sea-bathing in the 18th Century with bathing machines.