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All competitors must wear those stripey woollen bathing costumes favoured in the 1920s and be wheeled to their starting blocks in those wooden box affairs they used to push down Brighton beach.
A rare poster by George S Dixon and dating from 1949, it was published as one of a number promoting the town as a tourist resort and shows a mother and daughter in typical bathing costumes of the period with the busy shipping lanes beyond.
THE VERDICT A beautifully-shot action-adventure featuring lots of hot young actors in their bathing costumes.
Bathing costumes in that era may have doubled for a pair of pyjamas, but, good grief, they covered a multitude of sins.
Please bring your own bathing costumes as it is essential that costs be kept to a minimum).
Listeners familiar with early bathing costumes from old photos will find this chapter easy to follow, entertaining and educational, particularly when addressing the weight of the wet material and impracticality of design.
They were startled to discover their bathing costumes fading the minute they emerged from the pool.
WOMEN younger than her strip off to skimpy bathing costumes all the time here and look good.
The dancers (clad in black-and-white period bathing costumes by Santo Loquasto) seem at times to be the performers, at times the audience, in an end-of-pier romp to various early-twentieth-century rags, played in D.
When Details pushes expensive bathing costumes, it pairs them not with suntanned frat boys, but with skinhead men with tattoos, Doc Martens boots, and leather jackets emblazoned with the names of hard-core bands from the eighties.
90s 1990 Fifty swimmers in their bathing costumes, wrapped in towels, fled to safety after a chemical spill.
Take note that trunks or bathing costumes are required for the event (and can be hired, along with towels) and separate changing rooms for men and women will be available - as will fresh fruit and non-alcoholic refreshments.
The only difference was there were not hundreds of people in bathing costumes as there are in the poster picture but then it was taken during the summer.
uk/rememberwhen BRAVE DIPPERS: These hardy folk donned Victorian-style bathing costumes to make a bit of a splash for charity at Redcar in January 1986.