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I'd like to see you in one of those new-fangled, twopiece bathing costumes - top and bottom LES IN LETTER TO ALY
All the necessary gear is supplied but sailors should bring bathing costumes to wear under wet suits as well as an old pair of trainers.
Although swimsuits are allowed on some beaches, many tourists make the short trip between the beach and hotel wearing just towels over bathing costumes.
Jim also remembers that during the summer at Rockcliffe the children would sometimes take a packed lunch and their bathing costumes to school, so they could go to the beach at lunchtime instead of going home.
It shows the duck pond at Norton in the summer of 1968 with dozens of children in their bathing costumes, paddling and splashing around in the cool water.
On a Monday morning we paraded in the playground with rolled-up towel under our arms and some of us had our bathing costumes under our clothes and others carried them in their towels.
Silk bathing boots from the 1910s are a far cry from today's standard-issue flip-flops, and there is not anything similar about head-to-toe wool bathing costumes from the turn of the 20th century and the suit with a black mesh bodice by Cole of California in the 1960s.
They brought their bathing costumes with them and swam in the rectangular pool to refresh themselves during the turnaround times for their aircraft - can you imagine crews having time for a swim today?
A rare poster by George S Dixon and dating from 1949, it was published as one of a number promoting the town as a tourist resort and shows a mother and daughter in typical bathing costumes of the period with the busy shipping lanes beyond.
THE VERDICT A beautifully-shot action-adventure featuring lots of hot young actors in their bathing costumes.
Bathing costumes in that era may have doubled for a pair of pyjamas, but, good grief, they covered a multitude of sins.
They usually have all the angles covered down to supplying journalists with snow suits, boots, hats and gloves, just in case they thought they were heading south with only their bathing costumes packed.
Please bring your own bathing costumes as it is essential that costs be kept to a minimum).
A dressing room adjacent to the pool would have afforded them adequate privacy to change into their bathing costumes.
Listeners familiar with early bathing costumes from old photos will find this chapter easy to follow, entertaining and educational, particularly when addressing the weight of the wet material and impracticality of design.