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Synonyms for bathhouse

a building containing dressing rooms for bathers

a building containing public baths


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The widely held belief, promoted by the locals, that the hot mineral waters had curative powers made bathhouses the first major tourism draw for Hot Springs.
The third episode ends with a trip to Bathhouse Row for testing of the local hot spring water, followed by assessment of a handmade 1903 patchwork quilt designed as a map of Arkansas.
It was the summer of 1987 when Bell was awarded a 50-year lease on five bathhouses by the National Park Service.
Many Bakuviansvisit the bathhouses today, as a sign of respect for traditions and an excellent opportunity to leave all worries behind.
Under the proposed act, the installation of all such devices, including CCTV cameras, Internet-connected cameras, smartphones and wearable cameras, is banned at public bathhouses, dressing rooms, public restrooms and other vulnerable places, officials said.
It was also important to build bathhouses within an urban texture.
All of the bathhouses were built by the private sector with leases of the land from the federal government," noted Josie Fernandez, superintendent of Hot Springs National Park.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Modernization bathhouse "thermia".
New York bathhouses had become destinations for gay recreation alongside bars and porn theaters; they were part of the era's sexual liberation when even straight "swingers" mixed it up at sex clubs, before bathhouses became a health risk and acquired a morbid specter during the AIDS crisis.
Unfortunately NevE-ehir was not then (nor is it now) a town that wants its women to spend too much gossiping in bathhouses.
China wants to ban people with HIV from visiting the country's bathhouses and is drafting regulation to deny them access.
According to some chronicles, Cairo contained more than 137 bathhouses in those days, yet today the number has waned to only 16 and is still dwindling.
There aren't many hammams left," laments Mustafa Satoot, recalling the ancient bathhouses that drew leisure-seekers centuries before high-end spas came along.
According to the China Daily and the Yangzi Evening News, three regulations announced by the bureau head strictly prohibit police officers and personnel from going to public entertainment venues for karaoke, having massages in private rooms at bathhouses and playing card games in the workplace.
Daraa, Southern Syria (SANA) _ The Roman bathhouses in the archeological city of Bosra, which were built in a strategic location at the center of the ancient city, played a very important role in the social life of the inhabitants during the Roman reign as they were centers for making commercial transactions and exchanging information, in addition to their role in entertainment.