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Synonyms for bathhouse

a building containing dressing rooms for bathers

a building containing public baths


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Acquisition and purely commercial operation of Bad Meinberger bathhouse, WEnllenweg 50, 32805 Bad Meinberg, including structural ancillary facilities.
Tarek Al-Awadi, the lawyer of the defendants in the bathhouse case and also responsible for the lawsuit against Iraqi, previously told Daily News Egypt: "In case that private satellite station Al-Qahera Wal-Nas (Cairo and the People) will not publish an official statement apologising for the actions of its employees, we will continue to escalate.
They had been rounded up in a highly publicised police raid on a bathhouse in the central Cairo area of Ramsis.
The revolt had been led by an Albanian boilerman, which meant that no sooner had it been quashed than the sultan ruled that in future all bathhouse staff would have to be selected from a cluster of villages in the Tokat-Sivas area, a quirk of history of which GE-l might or might not have been aware.
Jankowski said the bathhouse is open later in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, when 60 to 80 children from the Webster-Dudley Boys and Girls Club use the beach.
It was fine if it was a matter of choice, but here, at the thermal bathhouse, nudity is mandatory.
Before indoor plumbing, people would typically go to the local bathhouse once a week.
HOT SPRINGS The National Park Service has granted limited access for a microbrewery to operate in the Superior Bathhouse.
Once a Russian bathhouse, the building later housed Club Baths, the first openly gay-owned bathhouse in the Manhattan.
Five years earlier she signed on to sing at Continental Baths, a gay bathhouse in Manhattan, where she famously earned her nickname "Bathhouse Betty" and befriended her accompanist Barry Manilow.
New Delhi, Dec 14 (ANI): A university bathhouse in Northwest China's Shaanxi province has been slammed for it's audacious policy allowing student lovers to shower together in private rooms.
The blast took place in front of a bathhouse in the Shajoy district, Mohammad Jan Rasulyar, the deputy governor, told Pajhwok Afghan News, adding that the bomb was planted on a bicycle and exploded while people were getting ready for the Iftar.
As soon as Lev is out, clad in an overlarge, dated gabardine suit, two security types accost and carry him off to another sort of prison, in a grimy bathhouse, for no apparent reason.
It ceased to exist as a bathhouse in the 1930s, and now serves as an athletic facility with indoor basketball courts, a running track and a pool.
Also located in the market area is a large bathhouse built in 1964, designed like old Turkish bathhouses.