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a fine powder for spreading on the body (as after bathing)

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amp;uot;These products,&uot; said Liman, &uot;join new Euro Garden After Bath Powder Sprays, which also contain real silk and moisturizing aloe to give women what we think is the best ending a bath ever had.
Phytomer Oligmer Pure Seawater Bath is a bath powder derived from freeze-dried desalinated seawater concentrate that comes in handy packets for individual soaks.
The product was originally developed as a bubble bath powder in 1961, but was relaunched in a liquid formula in 1972.
07 THE Body Shop's Divine Calm range is packed with products to help you unwind; Serenity Milk Bath Powder (pounds 9), Essential Oil (pounds 8), Sublime Body Lotion (pounds 9), Relaxing Massage Oil (pounds 8).
Two strong-willed pupils cause havoc at a convent school when they play a string of ingenious pranks, including giving fake names at registration and replacing the nuns' sugar with bubble bath powder.
This exotic-smelling bath powder is scented with Savana Aloe - just lie back and think safari.
Two fragrance gift sets are also available: N[degrees]5 women with a deodorant spray and shimmering body lotion, and Coco Mademoiselle bath collection with Fresh after bath powder, Fresh bath soap, Fresh foaming bath and an EDT.
The Calgon home spa line now offers recast bath powder and bath foam plus three additional items that had been reserved for Coty's premium bath brands: body wash, body lotion and body spray.
The collection includes a Ginger Milk foaming milk bath powder, blooming milk bath, tripled-milled soap, body wash, body lotion, spray lotion, moisturizing face mask, cologne, home fragrance mist and aromatic candle.
NEXT BEST THING: Tesco Lavender Bath Powder, a snip at pounds 3.
Bath powders in 50g sachets are also available as part of the range.
The fun bath powders, which turn into a gel and are a variety of colours and smells are already being sold in Australia, Europe and Africa.
Also during this period, Lander was well known for its wide variety of such scented toiletry items as bubble bath powders, body tales and bath salts, and colorfully packaged gift sets with these items were extremely popular and sold well.
The company has added sugar bath powders, granules and cubes to its bath-products lineup.