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a heavy towel or mat to stand on while drying yourself after a bath

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Step out of the bath or shower onto a luxurious cotton bath mat that feels like a cloud under your feet.
Its product range has been developed over the past two years and includes doormats and bath mats in a wide variety of designs, kitchen mats and large mats for entrance halls or office reception areas.
From luxury towels and bath mats to chic glass shelving and stylish soap dishes, there's a whole range to choose from.
From award-winning designs and fresh takes on old appliances to ratings of towels, bath mats, and 'essentials', the goal here is to 'purge clutter' by obtaining a few high-quality, lasting items for the home and jettisoning the rest.
The widest selection of merchandise is available through the Web site, which recently offered six styles of bath towels, nine bath mats, 12 shower curtains, and a few soap dishes and other bathroom accessories.
99) to retro cushions and bath mats as well as a wide range of garden accessories
Debra Dixon, health and safety inspector for the company, told the court bath mats and handrails were not mandatory.
We love these chenille bath mats, pounds 15, from Marks & Spencer.
In addition there is the funny feet bath mats available in white and blue, pounds 4.
Popular applications for biocides in these two plastics include roof liners, tarpaulins, wall and floor coverings, pool and ditch liners, shower curtains, bath mats, outdoor furniture, marine upholstery, insulation foams, and sports-shoe soles.
There is a monstrous girdle, made of rubber bath mats, and a vinyl maternity dress.
brand last month, a high-end line that will offer premium foam and memory foam products that are outside of the bedroom, including kitchen and bath mats, memory foam ottomans and in-door/outdoor furniture and accessories.
Washington, Jan 24 ( ANI ): Despite being one of the most glamorous women in the world, Angelina Jolie is more concerned with bath mats than red carpets when at home with her kids.
Best buddies Debra Proudlock and Jo Dyer have launched Bed, Bath and Beauty, which specialises in bedding, towels, bath mats and accessories.