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a wheelchair usually pushed by an attendant, as at a spa

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Examples of adaptive equipment or assistive technology are wheelchairs, lifts, standing frames, gait trainers, augmentative communication devices, bath chairs, and recreational items such as swings or tricycles.
When he is 18 his mother will be 80, his father 78, both of them in bath chairs and millstones round his neck, according to the media.
I can only imagine what it would be like if we had a Lynley convention - I'd be introducing my fans in their bath chairs.
PARENTS were yesterday warned about using baby bath chairs after the death of an 11-month-old boy.
He was now the oldest of the functional gods - all that the Pagan, Greek and Roman gods could do now was sit around snoring in their bath chairs, too comatose to be of any use.
In Sara's day the cottage was crammed with discarded crutches and Bath chairs, left behind by those the well's water had cured.
Obviously whoever wrote the column hasn't visited Bournemouth since the early 1930s and still believes the town is a place where retired generals and others of riper years doze away the twilight of their lives pottering along the sea front on suitably clement days or being pushed around the Central Gardens in their bath chairs.
If you've always imagined that making stained glass lampshades or windows were crafts that had disappeared along with gas-lit street lamps and bath chairs - you're in for a big surprise.
There are many accessories that can be used to improve accessibility without making structural changes, such as raised toilet seats, bath chairs, and commode chairs.
Supply of miscellaneous furniture and support products for System Development Center loan Accessibility and Assistive dependent ICASS: beds, mattresses, household cranes, bath chairs, cushions, rotating disks, stair caterpillar .
The RTS may obtain sample bath chairs for the child to try from the manufacturer or the local manufacturer's representative.
The children could gaze at colorful sailboats and fish nets while lying in inner tubes (to provide some vestibular stimulation in a supported position) or sitting in the relaxed comfort of bath chairs, which were great substitutes for lounge chairs.
Adaptive Design Shop bath chairs & toilet supports.
OFF WE GO: Dick Cartwright of DC Motorcycles in his motorised Bath chair Pictures by Andrew Catchpool (AC150208Cbath-1); JUST CHECKING: Dick Cartwright examines his Bath chair (AC150208Cbath-6); LATEST SPEC: An advert for a 1920s Bath chair