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a wheelchair usually pushed by an attendant, as at a spa

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He said: "I have called it, a bird in a bath chair.
A bath chair and accessories for kids can offer the necessary support and safety when used under proper supervision.
They also fitted a bath chair at the wrong end of the bath so I had to remove that.
He provided for his family and in the early days he had to wheel himself around in a bath chair.
And there they all were--that one-man army of lovers Corporal Clegg, Vince Cable in his rubber-seated bath chair and a wizened old crone l took to be a bag lady receiving alms, but turned out to be Shirley Williams.
He nearly fell off his bath chair, choked on his false teeth and had to fan himself with his pension book when he realised that, at 69, he was being offered a route back into football as manager of the Fir Park outfit.
We have a walk-in shower with a sturdy bath chair and a non-slip rubber mat.
THE great and good of Yorkshire have been soaking in these Moorish- style baths since Princess Victoria raced her bath chair through the streets.
Jean Renoir; himself one of the greatest directors of all time, filmed his father: "You can see Renoir whose hands are so deformed by arthritis that he can hardly hold his brush, sitting in a bath chair and painting some of his greatest masterpieces.
A bath chair for disabled children represents the first commercial application of a new coinjection technology that uses conventional injection machines with a single barrel.
Two-year-old Brandon Moxam has severe cerebral palsy and needs a bath chair, potty, feeding aid and stair lift.
Asked about an alleged incident with Gwyneth Fowler, when he is accused of pushing her on to a bath chair, he said co-worker Jennifer Gayne was 'mistaken' with her account of what had happened and said he was using 'safe holding techniques' to prevent himself and Ms Gayne being struck by the 'aggressive and agitated' state of Mrs Fowler.
Thank you Gazette for putting some twinkle back into my old eyes as I look forward to my electric bath chair with go-faster stripes.
A PENSIONER is pounds 200 out of pocket after paying for a bath chair from a company which had gone bust.
Sylvester Stallone practically climbed out of a bath chair to fight for the world heavyweight title in Rocky IV but only after he had taken out his hearing aid.