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  • verb

Synonyms for bate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

Words related to bate

moderate or restrain

flap the wings wildly or frantically

Related Words

soak in a special solution to soften and remove chemicals used in previous treatments

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With about $15,000 in savings, Bate launched a marketing blitz to reach potential customers and to entice other RV owners with the novel idea.
On the one hand, I felt that it was too long: the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries provide Bate with irresistible episodes, yet in the end stories such as those of Fuseli and Berlioz and Scott tend to blur into one another, losing their force.
The idea of a thin-film solid-state battery has been around for a decade," Bates notes, "but its development went nowhere, mainly because the electrolytes weren't stable and the protective coatings were poor.
Giving evidence on Wednesday, paramedic Carl Jones said he was winded when Bates delivered a blow to his chest in the ambulance.
He said Bates seemed intoxicated and unco-operative and would not sit still on a trolley.
When police arrived and arrested Bates, who had two previous convictions for robbery, they found a black-handled claw hammer.
Most supporters would have choked on their cornflakes when they read Bates proclaiming last week: "We must give fans a fair Cup Final deal.
In 1983, Bates incorporated ASHS to provide diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy services to hospitals, medical centers, clinics and physician's offices in 22 states.
Because we have good test methods to accelerate glass' reactions over a wide range of conditions, we can predict which compositions will perform best for long-term storage," Bates says.
Kenyon and Bates do not see eye-to-eye and Israeli super agent Pini Zahavi is also putting pressure on Abramovich to get rid of the Chelsea chairman.
The most common way is our service tip hotline, where consumers call in and report their neighbors,'' Bates said.
Ironically, just as our agency was about to turn profitable, Bates dissolved the relationship.
Four years ago, Bates was one of the key players on coach Mike Dubzinski's Wachusett Regional High football team, which ran the table with a 13-0 record in fall 2009, capturing the Super Bowl with a victory over Holy Name High.
Bates says "OSE has now evolved a "Convergence Roadmap" into a tangible deliverable which educates those considering security convergence initiatives.